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At Fu,
we are serious
about security.

In fact, just like the big banks, we use the highest standards of security to protect your private information.

The most important thing to remember is that Fu is NOT a transactional service, meaning there is no possible way for us to make a transaction on your behalf or move any of your money through the Fu app.

To help put your mind at ease let us explain the ins and outs of how this works and how we ensure your information and money is protected. Always.

Connecting A Bank Account

a bank account.

In order for Fu to understand how much money you are likely to have left over in your bank account today and in future pay-cycles, Fu needs to understand how much you get paid, what bills you have, how much you spend and how much is in your account today.

Once we establish a secure connection with your nominated bank account, we can automatically help you to get on top of your cash flow by categorising your transactions and notify you when things change whilst giving you a holistic view over all your finances. From here, we can also provide you with extra services to help you manage, spend and invest your money all in a central location!



To protect your information and keep your data safe, we use the same security technology standards as the big banks.

We even go a step further by adding extra levels of security including keeping your membership data safe and sound by Amazon Cognito (AWS), the industry leader for user authentication and powers some of the world's most critical services such as the Dow Jones and U.S. Department of Defense.

We monitor security 24/7 and encrypt EVERYTHING.


Fu works with Basiq and Yodlee to link bank accounts and receive access to your transactional data. These guys are experts in their field and global leaders in financial technology.

When you select your nominated bank account and enter your credentials, your details are captured inside a secure form that uses bank grade encryption.

Fu has no ability to access your bank account to move money, pay people or do anything on your behalf. Our access only allows us to “read” transactions from your bank account each day - that's it.

Information & Data

Once you've provided a link to your financial institution Fu is given access to your transactional data via a secure tunnel (SSL/TLS). We use this information to drive your Fu dashboard to help you to understand your upcoming paycycles.

Your bank account credentials are never seen or stored by Fu.

Does Fu affect my credit rating?

No way! Fu has no impact on your credit-rating or credit decisioning process.

Will I need to link my bank forever?

Right now, linking your bank account through you providing your credentials is the only way that Fu can access this information, however, over the next 12-18 months, the government will introduce the Consumer Data Right, which means that in the future you’ll simply be able to tick a box to give us permission to read your data.

If you link your account in Fu and want to remove access, you can always delete your account in the settings section of the app.

Got questions?

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