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Fu Platform

Consumer behaviours toward cashflow management and credit products have changed forever. If you are a financial services organisation or a large scale merchant and you are not already offering immediately actionable insights and responsible BNPL solutions to your customers, you are missing out on a generation of customers that do not use traditional credit products and have a completely different relationship with money.

The Fu Platform Offering

The Fupay platform is our crown jewel and the engine room that powers our very own Fupay App experience. Our unique platform has been 4 years in the making and crafted specifically to help our partners in attracting and retaining millennial customers.

Our team deeply understands the unique financial challenges and habitual behaviours of this demographic. The Fupay platform provides the unique combination of speed to market and product flexibility for our partners to rapidly deliver the next generation of innovative money management, cash flow forecasting and short term credit solutions.

What We Do

Buy Now Pay Later as a service

Fupay’s BNPL platform enables our merchant partners to customise their own version of payment flexibility that is right for their individual business needs. Our modularised service offering enables our partners extensive capabilities to own and customise every part of their customer experience with the added benefit of a completely custom BNPL product line and business model launched to market within a number of weeks.

Short term credit

Our agnostic short term credit engine also extends to financial service companies and large scale employers wishing to offer a short term credit solution to support their young customers/employees in a responsible manner with short fixed repayment windows centralised around future cash flow.

Positive Collections

Our positive collections experience supports your customers who may be experiencing financial hardship to set up a personalised repayment plan to service their overdue accounts combined with free money management tools. Our positive collections experience is an automated customer self service function, alleviating the operational overhead associated with managing overdue accounts whilst simultaneously creating positive brand affinity with your customers.

Money Management & Cash Flow Forecasting

Taking budgeting to the next level, our unique forward looking cash flow management tooling provides our partners with the ability to offer immediate actionable insights to their customers ahead of time. Our money management tools can also be seamlessly integrated into our Short Term Credit and Buy Now Pay Later offerings as a combined responsible solution.

Who We Service


Alternative Lenders



Other "Buy Now Pay Later as a Service Offerings" Vs Fupay Platform

Fu Platform, Integration Options

API Access

Provides access to the Fupay engine room of API’s enabling our partners to build and customise their own product off our service suite.


Provides access to a generic customer experience built on top of the Fupay service suite with abilities for our partners to customise their own branding, colour schemes and content.

Custom Build

Make it your own! This includes modifications and changes to the Fupay engine room and shiny new app or website completely built for you, our dedicated technology team is here to leverage our deep experience in this sector to fulfill your strategic goals.

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