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For Investors

Fupay provides its members with cash flow insights across future pay cycles which enables responsible payment ‘smoothing’ for everything & Smart Spending through personalised cash back rewards & savings.

Following a successful Series A Capital raise in July 2020 and app launch in November 2020, we have experienced aggressive customer growth. Within the first five months since the launch alone, Fupay has amassed more than 100,000 Australian users, hailing predominantly from Millennial and Gen Z demographics.

You can learn more about how Fupay works and why it’s the future of responsible lending and spending in the videos below, or by getting in touch with our leadership team:

For general investment enquiries, please contact our Chief Revenue Officer, Betsy Westcott - & Managing Director, Michael Fredericks -

To apply for shares, please contact our Chief Financial Officer, Craig Thompson - & Managing Director, Michael Fredericks -

Why invest in Fupay?

We’re the future of how millennials and zoomers manage money and consumer credit. Here’s why.

Millennials manage and spend money differently

Chief Revenue Officer and millennial Betsy Westcott explains the generational shift in how younger generations manage their finances and why traditional credit and lending is unattractive to this demographic.

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The Fupay strategy & platform solution

Fupay Founder and Managing Director Michael Fredericks walks through the Fupay strategy and explains how the Fupay platform meets the needs of its millennial members.

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Product deep dive: how Fupay works

Join Fupay Chief Product Officer Henrique Marassi as he takes you on a tour of the product and the unique range of features packed into the Fupay app.

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Why responsible lending is the future

Chief Revenue Officer Betsy Westcott explains where the BNPL industry is heading (hint: it’s going to be more rigorously regulated) and why responsible lending is a key part of Fupay’s service.

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The Fupay Platform as a Service Solution (Financial Services & Merchants)

Strategic Products & Partnerships Manager Jessica Joyce discusses the Fupay white label product in Australia and launching in Europe for merchants and financial services firms to use to provide their own custom money management and BNPL solutions.

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