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We empower people to Live Large and Take Charge of their lifestyle.

We are a passionate team of designers, engineers, thought leaders and coffee drinkers on a mission to revolutionise the way people manage, spend and invest their money.

This ain’t our first rodeo! We've been working together for years creating, building and scaling technology and data driven companies.

Just like our members, we are young, we love to travel, we have big nights out, we buy stuff we don’t necessarily need and we eat out, a lot. But, we still gotta pay the rent, buy groceries and pay the bills. We know first-hand that there is a real need for cashflow transparency and payment flexibility across paycycles.

Hence, we created Fu! A first-of-its-kind lifestyle management platform allowing young millennials to better understand and manage their cashflow needs. We combine modern money management with the ability to BNPL ALL lifestyle categories (including essential expenses such as groceries and household bills) and discover personalised savings and rewards.

We are NOT a traditional credit provider or credit card. We are NOT a budgeting app, ‘cos let’s face it, that ain’t living!

What is Fupay?

Modern Money Management
Modern Money Management
Modern Money Management

Our values

We are unapologetically and authentically a young millennial brand

We take the time to listen, learn and get to know our customers in order to create products that they love and trust.

We empower users rather than seek to profit from them

Our aim is to be merchant funded and avoid charging end users fees.

We are an open book

We are open, honest, ethical and fair. Always.

We aren't afraid to collaborate

To be the best, we want to work with the best of the best.

Data data data

It's all about the data that leads to empowerment, personalisation and choice.

Meet the Fu crew

Senior Software Developer

Alexandr Dunaiskiy

Director of Growth

Caitlin Cordery

EA to MD | Head of People & Workplace

Dani Harman

Sales Manager

Doug Shaw

Marketing & Sales Coordinator

Ella Levison

General Manager | Engineering

James Leech

Sales Manager

Jeremy Ellis

Chief Product Officer

Jessica Joyce

Collections Leader

Kev Evans

Software Engineer

Khoa Tran

Technical Lead

Kirill Glushchenko

Sales Manager

Lizzie Burrell

Sales Manager

Lyndin Francis

Senior Software Engineer

Michael Ding

Managing Director / Founder

Michael Fredericks

Technical Lead

Nick Marsh

Finance Director

Nicole Wailes

General Manager | UX & Design

Rachael Maniord

Graphic Designer

Sarah Brodrick

Senior Software Engineer

Sharon Beynon

Senior Financial Accountant

Supriya Machani

Customer Experience Officer

Tess O'Neill

General Manager | Lending Operations

Tracy Stares

Software Engineer

Travis Leeden

Technical Lead

Wei Cai